Carthage, Egypt, Kush…these are just a few of the kingdoms and ancient empires of Africa that begin the story of Africa’s history. In this opening episode in our History of Africa podcast series that is where we begin.

Ancient Empires of Africa

JB Shreve looks at the turns of civilization’s history and the moments when the story of recorded human civilization turned westward and northward. If events had turned only a little differently, we might all take classes on North African Civilization rather than Western Civilization when we enter college today.

History of Africa Podcast Series The history of ancient Africa is the history of human civilization’s origins. Its records are best preserved when these ancient civilizations brushed against European and Middle Eastern civilizations but that does not mean this is a European of Middle Eastern story. When Hammurabi was just beginning to formulate his legal code in Mesopotamia, Egypt already had a history including sores of dynasties in its past.

ancient empires of africa ancient egypt podcast

Hannibal, Alexander the Great, Ptolemy, Julius Caesar…these figures and more make appearances in this first episode.

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This is a two-parter. Part two will release next week.

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