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Brainwashing in the 21st Century – Walt Disney Company

A look at how modern media owns the rights to influence and manipulate our perceptions from the cradle to the grave.

ISIS Timeline

ISIS Timeline Infographic

1967 Six Days War Timeline – Infographic – the End of History

This is a graphic of the 1967 Six Days War timeline. It goes well with my podcasts and guides on the story. Learn more about the Six Days War here: A Complete and Balanced...

26 Great Reads for Understanding Modern India

I still have several episodes left to completion of the series on the history of modern India but I thought I would go ahead and get this listing out. At the end of each podcast...

Natural Disasters and Unnatural Losses

The whole world has watched the tragedy in the Philippines unfold this past week and held our breath together as the death counts rise higher and higher. In addition to Typhoon Haiyan there were...

What a Difference a Decade Makes

This chart shows the economic growth in different nations of the Eurozone following the implementation of the Euro. Note the relations between debt and GDP. The snapshot in the top right of the image...
ages of history

The Ages of History

The history of international politics and warfare can be divided into four primary eras. Each distinct era represents changing ways in which power and influence functioned and were best utilized by the nations in...
gun control

What’s Wrong with the Gun Control Argument

A lot of my subscribers at The End of History, like me, came of age in the era of random mass violence. Columbine sticks out in my mind as the first big one that...