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origins of the Kashmir conflict why is kashmir so important

Kashmir Conflict Backgrounder

This post is part of my wider History of India series. Today we look at the history of the Kashmir conflict and also answer the question of Why is Kashmir so important? Why is Kashmir...
origins of the Kashmir conflict

Brief History of the Origins of the Kashmir Conflict

Perhaps the most famous of the struggles among the princely states and the resulting oppression and violence in the modern history of India is the story of Kashmir. Today’s post tells the brief history...
understanding south sudan conflict

Understanding the Conflict in South Sudan – Timeline and Fact Sheet

The following is a brief overview for understanding the conflict in South Sudan. Scroll down for a look at the South Sudan conflict timeline and South Sudan conflict fact sheet. This post is updated...
eichmann operation finale

The Incredibly True Story of Adolf Eichmann and Operation Finale

The capture of Adolf Eichmann and the true story of Operation Finale are fascinating history and presented significant considerations on morality.
middle class is angry

The Middle Class Is Angry – The American Caste System Part 4

This is part four in the series this week from JB Shreve and the End of History.   Unlike those in poverty, when you’re middle class you usually know you are struggling. Struggle defines your lifestyle....

What It’s Like to Be Poor – The American Caste System Part 3

Part 3 in my series on the American Caste System looks at what it's like to be poor in America. This begins to explain why we have class conflict.

The Middle Class, Statistics and the Public Debate

The experts want us to believe that confusing middle class statistics are for them alone to understand. It's not as difficult as they make it to be.
struggling middle class

Squashing the Middle Class – The American Caste System Part 2

Increasingly the middle class can be defined less by what a household earns and more by what it no longer has access to. (The American Caste System: Part 2)
american caste system and extreme poverty

The American Caste System – Part 1

The recent debates on extreme poverty in America miss the larger realities of the changes and threats within the American economy and caste system.
leaders of iran

Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran [infographic]

Distinguishing the different names and leaders of Iran can be a challenge. This infographic provides a little cheat sheet on the timeline and names.