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american caste system and extreme poverty

The American Caste System – Part 1

The recent debates on extreme poverty in America miss the larger realities of the changes and threats within the American economy and caste system.
leaders of iran

Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran [infographic]

Distinguishing the different names and leaders of Iran can be a challenge. This infographic provides a little cheat sheet on the timeline and names.
if the nba was a national economy

If the NBA was a National Economy

I was curious how today's NBA contracts line up to national economies in the world. What would it look like if the NBA was a national economy?
photos that aren't true

When A Picture Speaks A Thousand FALSE Words

A picture is worth a 1,000 words but it would serve us well to inquire before we believe them. We might be surprised by the famous photos that are not true.
death of Ayatollah Khomeini

The Death of Khomeini

I talked about these images from the funeral and death of Ayatollah Khomeini in the podcast episode today. This scene from the funeral procession of the Ayatollah Khomeini convinced us in the 1980s that...
iran child soldiers

Iran’s Child Soldiers

Children were used to clear mine fields or in the "human wave" strategy of attack where hordes of bodies were more or less just thrown at superior Iraqi artillery in an effort to overcome them. 
men not working

Men Not Working – The Hidden Crisis in America

These men are invisible to the data we rely on to assess the health of the US economy because they are neither employed nor are they looking to be employed. They have either given up on being contributing members of the American economy and society or they never tried to be included in the first place.
economic inequality, income inequality, inequality in America, inequality is a good thing

15 Great Reads on Economic Inequality

Following is a list 15 great reads on economic inequality. These are my recommended reading to learn more about economic inequality in the United States after you listen to the podcast series. Check out...
us middle east policy

Timeline of US Policy & Intervention in the Middle East

Click on the infographic to zoom in for larger image on US Middle East policy and intervention. If you have found this infographic helpful you might also enjoy one of my blog series or podcast...
global protests

The Wave of Global Protests and What They Are Really About

Earlier this month a wave of protests spread across the nation of Iran and captivated much of the media’s attention. Like the Iranian protests of 2009 many believed, or wanted to believe, that a...