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global protests

The Wave of Global Protests and What They Are Really About

Earlier this month a wave of protests spread across the nation of Iran and captivated much of the media’s attention. Like the Iranian protests of 2009 many believed, or wanted to believe, that a...
immigration and american economy

4 Facts Regarding Immigration and the American Economy Worthy of Your Consideration

This week President Trump’s administration ended the temporary protected status of more than 200,000 people living in the United States from El Salvador. These immigrants have been allowed to live in the US since...
recognizing pictures of inequality

Recognizing Pictures of Inequality

Much of the world has been captivated by natural disasters in the last few months. In the US we watched multiple and massive hurricanes rip through with unprecedented destruction from Houston to the Caribbean...

The Shia Crescent

The Shia Crescent is a term we can expect to hear more frequently in the coming months as tensions in the Middle East, specifically between Saudi Arabia and Iran escalate. It is an expression...
divided america

The Fractured States of America

This is our America. This is why we are growing more stressed out and frustrated every day. It is why we are avoiding each other more and isolating to our corners of the fractured pieces of American identity and ideology. It is why the echo chambers of political perspective are gaining ground and influence but independent thought and the peacemakers are losing ground.
rohingya fact sheet


The Rohingya people of wester Myanmar are considered by many as the most oppressed minority on the planet.   Currently more than 270,000 refugees have fled Myanmar since the end of August. This number has grown...
Which countries have nuclear weapons

Whose Got the Nukes

This infographic offers a few considerations from the recent podcast episode. This infographic shows which countries have nuclear weapons as well as who has the most nuclear weapons.  (click on the image for larger view) Hear my...
daca truth

DACA: Don’t Buy the Hype, This Is A Story About Dysfunction

DISCLAIMER: This perspective is neither pro-immigration nor anti-immigration. It is neither pro-Trump nor anti-Trump. This perspective is written to point out the facts to what is actually taking place today. These facts are not...
countries of concern

What Makes a “Country of Concern”

In light of all the outrage surrounding the issue it might be appropriate for us to recognize how this list of nations recognized as “countries of concern” was developed.
immigrant ban

Bans, Protests and the Hype That Holds Them Together

On Friday President Donald Trump appeared to keep his campaign promise and issued an executive order to stop immigration into the US from 7 countries – all of which have predominantly Muslim populations. The uproar...