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Learn the stories of history that created the issues of today.

democratic republic of the congo

What In the World Is Going On In the Congo and...

This backgrounder on the Congo crisis explains what is going on in the DRC and how we got here. While the government has until January 15, to announce an official election winner many experts fear the nation is about to fall into yet another period of extensive violence and warfare.
stalin's mass murders

Stalin’s Mass Murders

In our recent podcast episode Evil Men, from the Never Again…Again – Continuous History of Genocide series, we looked at Mao and Stalin. If...
French Colonial Empire in Africa

French Colonial Empire in Africa – History of Africa Part 16

This episode on the French Colonial Empire in Africa is part of our ongoing series in the History of Africa podcast series. This is...
islamic extremism

Killers in the Name of God – Part 1: The Caliphates

This is part 1 of the three part podcast series that look at the history of Islamic Extremism. JB Shreve looks at the early history...

1919 – When It Felt Like the World Was Ending

This weekend my wife and I enjoyed the opportunity of visiting the World War I Museum in Kansas City along with some friends. I...
Genocides and Mass Murders Since 1900

Genocides and Mass Murders Since 1900

Our list and summary of genocides and mass murders since 1900 - constantly being updated. Throughout our research for the podcast series Never Again,...

US and Israel Special Relationship – America’s 51st State

This podcast episode looks at the special relationship between the US and Israel through the decades, separating fact from myth and political agendas.
henry wallace

Henry Wallace – The Great Turning Point

When the Great Depression hit, everyone saw their political philosophies and ideologies upended. Franklin Roosevelt himself said much of the New Deal was just...
East African Slave Trade

East African Slave Trade – History of Africa Part 5

In our last episode, we looked at the widespread systems of slavery that existed in Africa before the Europeans and the Arabs arrived. In...
paris peace conference

14 Interesting Facts About the Paris Peace Conference – 100 Years...

Today marks the 100 year anniversary of the convening of the Paris Peace Conference. This meeting would result in the Treaty of Versailles which officially ended World War I and radically change the shape of world. Many of the assumptions we take for granted about the world today were established at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.