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Learn the stories of history that created the issues of today.

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The Shah & the Coup: History of Iran and the Next...

This podcast episode looks at the ascent of the Shah and the coup in Iran in 1953. This is part 2 in our series on the History of Iran and the Next War. 
barry goldwater

Barry Goldwater – The New Conservative

When Barry Goldwater is recalled to today's popular imagination, he is remembered as an extremist, a danger, and a war hawk. In his 1964...
Scramble for Africa

The Scramble for Africa – History of Africa Part 9

In 1884 fourteen European nations along with a representative from the United States gathered at a conference in Berlin to divide up the continent...
erasing history

Erasing History

The establishment of the permitted narrative is the telling of history itself and it tells a lot about our own modern society. The efforts to hide parts of our history are not simply to protect us but to tell a new story and define a new future. It is a strategy that has been used before and it has always led to disastrous results.
the great terror joseph stalin

The Great Terror

This post looks at the Great Terror, sometimes called the Great Purge, that Joseph Stalin unleashed upon the Soviet Union beginning in 1936. Learn...
guy fawkes gunpowder plot

History of Terrorism Part 3: Guy Fawkes & The Gunpowder Plot

This new episode in our history of terrorism podcast series looks at tyrannicide, the religious wars of Europe and the famous Guy Fawkes Gunpowder...
black death

The Black Death – Plagued: Humanity’s History with Disease, Outbreaks, and...

The Black Death Plagued: Humanity’s History with Disease, Outbreaks, and Pandemics Podcast Series - Part 2 The Black Death spread across the eastern hemisphere in the...
aq khan

The Death of AQ Khan – REPOST –

Yesterday Abdul Qadeer Khan (AQ Khan) died in Pakistan after being hospitalized for COVID19. Khan is the man responsible for facilitating turning Pakistan into...