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secret societies illuminati

History of Terrorism Part 5: Secret Societies

From the Illuminati to 9/11 conspiracy theories, secret societies and the paranoia they inspire are key pieces to the history of terrorism.
history religious right podcast christian nation christian america moral majority culture war religious right ends

History of the Religious Right Part 1: Before We Were Republicans

The origin of Christian involvement in American politics has a longer history than most people realize but it probably does not begin where you would imagine. Episode 1 of this series on the history of the religious right in America examines early 20th century Christian involvement in politics. Some of the most devoted and progressive Christians in American politics in the early 20th century would not even be allowed in the Republican party by today’s standards.
nat turner and john brown

American Terrorists: Nat Turner and John Brown

"One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist." Another way of saying this is, terrorists do not always appear the way we expect them...
china is doing bad things

China Is Doing Much Worse Things Than You Imagine

Coronavirus bursting out of Wuhan. Protests in Hong Kong. More than a million Uighur Muslims placed in "re-education" camps. The news coming out of...
cold war genocides

Cold War Genocides – The Ongoing History of Genocide – Episode 7

In part 7 of our podcast series Never Again, Again - The Ongoing History of Genocide, JB Shreve and Brian Butler look at four...
history of irish terrorism michael collins

History of Terrorism: Irish Terrorism

My podcast series on the History of Terrorism continues with the story of Irish Terrorism. This episode looks at the origins of the conflict between the Irish and the British and moves through the 19th century and all the way to Michael Collins and the Irish Free State.
what's going on in belarus

Intelligence Brief – What’s Going On In Belarus

This week's Intelligence Brief was too big for our normal text version of the Intelligence Brief. Terrell Spencer joins JB Shreve for a special...
complete guide to the syrian civil war history bashar al-assad arab spring syrian civil war syrian refugee crisis syrian civil war podcast

Syrian Civil War Podcast Series

The Syrian Civil War is one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 21st century (so far). This podcast series details the history of Syria...
history religious right podcast christian nation christian america moral majority culture war religious right ends

History of the Religious Right Part 4: A Born Again President and the Moral...

After the tumult of the 60s and Watergate, Americans were burnt out by the mid 1970s. Jimmy Carter entered the scene as America’s first born again president. He wouldn’t be good enough for the standards of the religious right and the newly formed organization of the moral majority.
2019 year in review podcast

2019 In Review…We Made It To The End!

What will you remember about 2019? What is the defining event, news story or cultural phenomenon that best defined this year? In this 2019...