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If you’ve browsed the Podcast page you might have noticed some gaps in the podcasts currently posted here at the site. Since 2012 more than 200 podcast episodes have been published here at JB Shreve and the End of History but not all of those episodes are still available to the public today. You can still subscribe at iTunes, SoundCloud and wherever you like to download your favorite podcast feeds. We will still release various interview episodes and things like that in these places. Most of our most popular series, however, are now available exclusively to our Patreon supporters. This list is regularly updated so check back often to this page for the latest podcast series available to our JB Shreve and the End of History Patreon Supporters.

history of genocide podcast

Never Again…Again – The Ongoing History of Genocide

Ethnic cleansing. Genocide. Crimes against humanity. These wicked forms of mass murder have existed for as long as human civilization has existed. In the...

The History of American Foreign Policy in the Middle East

It did not start with peace summits and oil. It also did not begin with unconditional US support of Israel and Saudi Arabia. The...
ancient empires of africa

Ancient Empires – History of Africa Part 1

Carthage, Egypt, Kush…these are just a few of the kingdoms and ancient empires of Africa that begin the story of Africa's history. In this...
history of iran podcast

History of Iran and the Next War

A thorough look at the history of Iran and US-Iranian relations without the political hype.
Kingdoms and Empires of Africa history of africa podcast history of punt

Kingdoms and Empires of Africa – History of Africa Part 2

A mysterious land of legend and mythology. An empire of Christianity completely distinct from Rome and Constantinople. The ugliest woman in the world. The...
history of the middle east podcast series

History of the Middle East

Your ultimate guide to the history of the modern Middle East
History of Africa Podcast Series 

History of Africa Podcast Series

This is a fun one! For years I wanted to learn more about the History of Africa and simply could not find the right...
venezuela in crisis podcast

Venezuela in Crisis

Understanding the facts and history behind the crisis in Venezuela
history of india modern india podcast series india backgrounder, everything you need to know about India, history of india, history of india podcast

Complete History of India Podcast Series

The complete popular podcast series that tells the story of the History of India is now available to the public again.
complete guide to the syrian civil war history bashar al-assad arab spring syrian civil war syrian refugee crisis syrian civil war podcast

Syrian Civil War Podcast Series

The Syrian Civil War is one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 21st century (so far). This podcast series details the history of Syria...