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cold war genocides

Cold War Genocides – The Ongoing History of Genocide – Episode 7

In part 7 of our podcast series Never Again, Again - The Ongoing History of Genocide, JB Shreve and Brian Butler look at four...

The History of American Foreign Policy in the Middle East

It did not start with peace summits and oil. It also did not begin with unconditional US support of Israel and Saudi Arabia. The...
iran history islamic republic of iran history us and iran history of iran podcast history of Iran podcast episode 5 history of iran podcast episode 4 history of iran podcast episode 3 history of iran podcast episode 2 history of iran podcast episode 1

Years of Lost Possibilities: History of Iran and the Next War Part 5

This podcast episode looks at Iran's history and the years of lost possibilities from 1990 to 2015. This is part 5 in our podcast series.
second wave

Second Wave – Everything You Need to Know

The great concern with the pandemic now is the threat of a second wave. For weeks we have been watching this in our daily...
history of liberia

History of Liberia – History of Africa Podcast Series Bonus Episode

Frequently in the research on the history of Africa, I came across a claim that Liberia and Ethiopia were the only African nations that...
History of Africa Podcast Series 

History of Africa Podcast Series

This is a fun one! For years I wanted to learn more about the History of Africa and simply could not find the right...
Everything You Need To Know About Impeachment

Everything You Need To Know About Impeachment – Without the Nonsense

Articles of impeachment have been officially announced. It's on and it's real. Now what? This podcast episode answers everything you need to know about...
central african republic CAR

Hot Spot – Central African Republic

This intelligence brief provides an overview of the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR). Patreon supporters can access the podcast deep dive that...
history of nigeria

The Making of Nigeria– History of Africa Part 14

The modern history of Nigeria happened relatively fast! At the beginning of the 19th century an Islamic cleric Usman Dan Fodio worked to bring...
klux klux klan kkk white terrorism

History of Terrorism Part 6: White Terrorism in the South

Our podcast series on the History of Terrorism continues. This 2 part podcast episode looks at White Terrorism in the south after the Civil War. Be prepared for a look at a shameful American history you have probably never heard or considered. America's part in the history of terrorism did not start at 9/11. It started in the 19th century and it helps explain a lot of the domestic issues today.