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african genocides

African Genocides – The Ongoing History of Genocide – Episode 9

Comprehending genocides by relying on the popular narratives alone is ineffective. For example, Hotel Rwanda was a good movie but not a completely accurate...
history of india modern india podcast series india backgrounder, everything you need to know about India, history of india, history of india podcast

Complete History of India Podcast Series

The complete popular podcast series that tells the story of the History of India is now available to the public again.
things you didn't know about the founding fathers

Things You Might Not Know About the Founding Fathers

This is a peak into things you might not know about the founding fathers and really about the weirdness of the founding fathers.
what's going on in belarus

Intelligence Brief – What’s Going On In Belarus

This week's Intelligence Brief was too big for our normal text version of the Intelligence Brief. Terrell Spencer joins JB Shreve for a special...
East African Slave Trade

East African Slave Trade – History of Africa Part 5

In our last episode, we looked at the widespread systems of slavery that existed in Africa before the Europeans and the Arabs arrived. In...
history religious right podcast christian nation christian america moral majority culture war religious right ends

History of the Religious Right Part 3: Christian America Undone the Turbulent 60s and...

The idea of a Christian America began falling apart in the 1960s. The social turbulence of this time period actually worked to solidify the religious right as a movement and political force beyond anti-Communism. This episode is about the undoing of America and the coming together of the Christian right.
dietrich bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Christian theologian, pastor, writer, and ultimately martyr. As Hitler and the Nazis rose to power in Germany in the 1930s...
a hidden life

A Hidden Life

Every once in a while a movie comes along that leaves you thinking about it for days after viewing it. That's usually a sign...

Ecuador in Chaos

The South American nation of Ecuador appears to be in a state of meltdown, experiencing its worst security crisis in decades. A general state...