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history of aids

The History of AIDS

Growing up in a small town in the Bible Belt presented a different perspective of the AIDS and HIV crisis of the 1980s and...
age of explorers

The Age of Explorers – History of Africa Part 7

Before the age of imperialism and the great scramble for Africa, adventurous men of questionable character had to open the gates of the continent...
Qassem Soleimani

The Death of Qassem Soleimani

Who was Qassem Soleimani? What are the implications of his death at the hands of a US airstrike this past Thursday? In today's podcast...
Origins of the Holocaust aktion T4

Origins of the Holocaust – The Ongoing History of Genocide – Episode 3

It is all too easy, 80 years removed, to look at the holocaust and imagine we would never cooperate or tolerate such evil in...
French Colonial Empire in Africa

French Colonial Empire in Africa – History of Africa Part 16

This episode on the French Colonial Empire in Africa is part of our ongoing series in the History of Africa podcast series. This is...

US and Israel Special Relationship – America’s 51st State

This podcast episode looks at the special relationship between the US and Israel through the decades, separating fact from myth and political agendas.
refugees and pandemic

The Refugee Crisis Meets A Pandemic

For several years here at the End of History, we have tracked the incredible refugee crisis that spread across the globe since 2008. This...
weekly update

Coup in Sudan, Trouble at the US Border – Weekly Update

Today the lead stories on the major news networks involve Alec Baldwin and Facebook. While these are important stories, when it comes to global...
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict podcast series

History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Podcast Series

The History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict was originally released as a podcast series from the End of History in 2014. This series, consisting of...
islamic extremism

Killers in the Name of God – Part 1: The Caliphates

This is part 1 of the three part podcast series that look at the history of Islamic Extremism. JB Shreve looks at the early history...