About JB and the End of History

JB Shreve and the End of History has been producing podcasts and articles since 2012. After more than 200 podcast episodes, my listeners have come to expect well researched, fact-based backgrounders on a wide variety of topics to help them better understand the world around them.


These backgrounders range from the History of the Middle East to the True Story of Economic Inequality. They frequently expose myths and false paradigms we have come to believe. There is NO POLITICAL AGENDA being pushed here.

As the pace of change and crisis has quickened across the earth I have increasingly placed a greater focus upon linking Christian faith and Biblical perspectives to comprehend the times we live in.

A lot of people think the name of the podcast “the End of History” means this podcast is about the end times. The reality is not quite as interesting. The End of History was a famous political science book from the 90s (The End of History and the Last Man by Francis Fukuyama). The idea in the book was that civilization has reached this apex and world peace was about to flood human civilization. Of course, it went a different direction instead. So “the End of History” podcast title was really sort of tongue in cheek about that book and its premise.



Key Objectives of JB Shreve and the End of History


  1. Help believers in crafting their own response to world affairs and current events

  2. Provide a faith-based, values-centered voice in the face of current global issues

  3. Ease the tension between a Biblical worldview and the world we live in

  4. Provide reasonable, intelligent perspectives empowered with Biblical values and faith

  5. Remove the yelling, outrage and debate from our worldviews to find facts and seek the truth



the end of history web site and podcast is focused on truth based Christian insight on today’s global issues



There are three different types of posts and content here at the End of History

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. Proverbs 24:3-4


  • Fact-Based Informational Backgrounders – These come as podcasts, articles and infographics. These are deep dive informationals on a variety of topics and issues. I generally source my research with links. You can expect these to be fact-based and non-political. I am not pushing an agenda or political point. I will frequently expose some of our popular assumptions which are doing that very thing. I am seeking out what the real facts say in the face of growing polarization and politicization. It’s an effort to reduce ignorance and blindness.
  • Ethics and Values-Based Examinations – How do we determine right and wrong today? Where are the boundaries for good and bad? This is shifting sand in our modern era and increasingly frustrated by untrustworthy leadership and talking heads. I don’t claim to have all the answers and frequently you will find I posit more questions to consider rather than definitive answers. In asking the questions my hope is to open the readers’/listeners’ eyes.
  • Biblical Truth – This is the area where I try to take the most care and concern with anything posted at the web site. These type of posts and podcasts are heavy on Biblical references as I seek to understand the world we live in through a Biblical perspective. The focus here is to enlighten minds with Biblical truth.


Final Considerations

I don’t claim to have all the answers, and it if it ever comes across that way in my articles or podcasts – then I’m doing it wrong. I believe in truth. I believe in absolutes of right and wrong. But I also believe in the journey to find these. My hope is that listeners will join me on this journey. I am open to feedback, disinterested in debates, and avoid arguments. For all of those listeners and subscribers who are interested in a journey to seek and discuss truth based perspectives, I think you will enjoy this web site.


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