This final episode in our series looks at how the religious and Christian right lost its influence in America. Picking up with the culture wars in the 1990s and continuing through to today we look at how the years of greatest strength for the religious right ended up exposing massive vulnerabilities. This is where the religious right ends.

bill clinton and the christian right
The Presidency of Bill Clinton helped the culture wars surge.


george w. bush and the christian right
For many in the Religious Right, the elections of George W. Bush was the pinnacle of their decades’ long efforts for political victory.

The end of the religious right was not about losing political struggles and battles. It was about political priorities overcoming the original values and principles that the members of the religious right believed in.

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when did america stop being a christian nation

History of the Religious Right – Final Episode: End of the Christian Right


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JB Shreve and the End of History

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