Today the lead stories on the major news networks involve Alec Baldwin and Facebook. While these are important stories, when it comes to global stability and matters of human life or death, there are far bigger stories that we should be watching. Beginning this week, and every Monday, we will be posting a weekly update podcast episode available exclusively to our End of History Insiders. This weekly update will offer a brief overview of the major stories around the world that informed observers should keep an eye on.

Today’s weekly update includes the following stories:

  • A Coup in Sudan
  • Ethiopia’s Civil War
  • Crisis at the US Border
  • China and Taiwan
  • Catastrophe in Afghanistan

 Learn More about the stories in this Weekly Update


Check out our backgrounders and update referenced in this weekly update here:


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JB Shreve is the author of "How the World Ends: Understanding the Growing Chaos." He has been the host of the End of History podcast since 2012. He has degrees in International Relations and Middle East Studies. His other books include the Intelligence Brief Series. Regular posts and updates from JB Shreve are available at