As tensions flare across the United States in the midst of a once in a century pandemic and major economic meltdown, much of American seems to be holding their breath and waiting. They are waiting for the elections in November which will take place two months from today. But what if the big change we think is coming is actually just a new level of disaster and chaos? Can the country handle a disputed election?

In this podcast episode, JB Shreve takes a short look at the history of corruption and cheating in US elections and explains we are approaching a unique moment. It is not an “all of a sudden” moment. It is a “we should have seen this coming” moment. It is not an anti-Trump or an anti-Democrat moment. It is a “getting what we deserve” moment.

This podcast provides a realistic scenario of what could happen on election night November 3, 2020.

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JB Shreve is the author of "How the World Ends: Understanding the Growing Chaos." He has been the host of the End of History podcast since 2012. He has degrees in International Relations and Middle East Studies. His other books include the Intelligence Brief Series. Regular posts and updates from JB Shreve are available at