Coronavirus bursting out of Wuhan. Protests in Hong Kong. More than a million Uighur Muslims placed in “re-education” camps. The news coming out of China in recent months has not been good news. But most of us are unaware of just how bad it really is in China. China is doing bad things – very bad things. After Tiananmen Square in the early 1990s the leaders of China went on a major remake of their global public image. They were very successful. Most of us believe in the myth of the moderate Communist Party merging with the democratic world. It is only a myth though.

In today’s special episode, author Aaron Sarin joins us to discuss a recent report by the China Tribunal. These are stories that many have not heard since the time of the Holocaust and they demonstrate, all too well, that China is doing bad things, much worse than we probably imagined.

If you are interested in a deeper dive, read this article by our guest.

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