We have been watching the development of the COVID-19 Pandemic since it was known only as a “mystery virus” in China. In the last week, everything changed. The public at large finally became aware this thing is for real and it’s a serious threat. In previous posts and podcasts, we have looked at the lack of preparedness within the US government and other nations around the world. This is what is driving the pandemic to new heights every day. In this podcast episode, we take a global view of the pandemic. With guests from California, Wisconsin, and United Kingdom, we ask the question, where were you when the 2020 pandemic hit? We also consider the path forward in a world that is only getting darker in the midst of this growing pandemic.

Special thanks to today’s guests, James Pettit, Kevin Blackburn, and Chris Ridgewell.

This podcast episode has been archived but is still accessible to our Patreon supporters.

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