Articles of impeachment have been officially announced. It’s on and it’s real. Now what? This podcast episode answers everything you need to know about impeachment but were afraid to ask. We look at the laws behind impeachment, the history of impeachment, what is relevant and what is not. Finally, we look at the current impeachment process of President Donald Trump.

everything you need to know about impeachment

If you have been looking for a way to understand everything you need to know about impeachment without all the partisan nonsense, this is the podcast you need to listen to. JB Shreve, Dr. Malachi Nichols, Ben Lagrone, and Jonathan Webster hit the topic fully in this special episode. We take a fact-based approach to the story of the impeachment. It is not as complicated as we are frequently led to believe. We simply need to know how to see beyond what is not irrelevant and into what IS relevant.

everything you need to know about impeachment

This is a political issue. It is also a major moment in American history. This podcast episode from JB Shreve & the End of History offers you a trustworthy look at everything you need to know about impeachment but was afraid to ask. We guarantee you will be smarter when you are done with this one.

Additional Reading for Everything You Need To Know About Impeachment

You might also enjoy this podcast episode from JB Shreve. Originally recorded in early 2017 he predicted the impeachment of President Trump would come in late 2019 or early 2020. He also outlined how and why it would occur along with what might follow.

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