2019 In Review…We Made It To The End!

What will you remember about 2019? What is the defining event, news story or cultural phenomenon that best defined this year? In this 2019 year in review podcast episode, JB Shreve is joined by Dr. Malachi Nichols, Ben Lagrone, and Jonathan Webster to look at these questions.

From India to Mozambique, the Mueller Report to summits with North Korea, 2019 was a historical year. This 2019 year in review podcast episode notes how a lot of people felt overwhelmed by the year and its constant barrage of heavy news and political polarization. How do we cope with that and how do we move into 2020?

Be sure to test your knowledge and memory of the year with our 2019 in review quiz.

Some of the articles mentioned in this podcast episode (and some that should have been mentioned):

Watch for our decade in review podcast episode that will drop tomorrow!

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