Compared to other European powers like the French, the Belgians, and the British, the Germans were late to the great scramble game on the continent. Nevertheless, the Germans left their imprint on the continent and history with the first recorded genocide of the 20th century in what was then called German Southwest Africa.

German Southwest Africa
Nearly 80% of the native native populations of German Southwest Africa were exterminated in the first recorded genocide of the 20th century.

In today’s podcast episode in our History of Africa podcast series, we look at the story of German Southwest Africa. We look at why Germany was late to the great scramble, key figures in the rise of German colonialism in Africa, and the culmination of tragedy with the Herrero and Nama people.

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German Southwest Africa
German’s Lieutenant General von Trotha became notorious for the atrocities committed against the native peoples in German Southwest Africa
German southwest Africa
A vast number of natives who survived the war ended up dying in the concentration camps.

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