This week’s episode features the story of the Great Partition of India and Pakistan. When recounting significant tragedies like this, if you are like me, you frequently want to learn more. This post provides good reads about the partition of India and Pakistan.

The number of deaths in this tragedy range from 250,000 to 2 million with more than 14 million people made into refugees, countless accounts of ethnic cleansing, rape, kidnapping and more. It is amazing that such an event is barely covered in our western history of remembered in our collective consciousness. I am posting a few resources below for those who want to learn more.

  • This clip from the BBC offers a brief account of the tragedy.
  • This web site is an effort to collect stories from the people who experienced the tragedy itself. Excellent resource from the 1947 Partition Archive.
  • This report from the International Business Times accounts for the horrors endured by women on both sides during the partition.

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I also listed a good bibliography that includes some good reads about the partition of India and Pakistan.


If you are enjoying this post about good reads about the partition of India and Pakistan then you should check out my India Backgrounder. It features a full online series on the history of the world’s largest democracy along with podcast episodes and various explainers to give you understanding of the current issues unfolding in India.




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