The origin of Christian involvement in American politics has a longer history than most people realize but it probably does not begin where you would imagine. Episode 1 of this series on the history of the religious right in America examines early 20th century Christian involvement in politics. Some of the most devoted and progressive Christians in American politics in the early 20th century would not even be allowed in the Republican party by today’s standards.

This introductory episode to my podcast series on the History of the Religious Right starts with an explanation of the approach I am taking to this series. This is not a podcast series designed to ridicule or denounce the religious right. This is a respectful, honest and well-researched view of one of the very powerful and influential phenomenon of American politics in the second half of the 20th century to today. I once considered myself a part of the religious right and I still respect the original intents and objectives of this political group.

history of the religious right
Jane Addams
history of the religious right
William Jennings Bryan

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In this episode, we will look at figures such as Jane Adams and William Jennings Bryan. The original representatives of the religious right in American politics (they did not call themselves by that terminology of course) would have been classified as progressives and even liberals in their own time. They represented a values-based approach to American politics. Those values were centered around faith and valuing human life.

history of the religious right

Episode 138

History of the Religious Right Part 1: Before We Were Republicans

This was originally part of our ongoing None of the Above series leading up to the US elections on November 8.


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If you enjoyed this podcast episode you will enjoy the entire series on the History of the Religious Right, an honest and respectful account. You can find each episode of the series here.


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