Our monthly global review podcast looks at the state of the chaos around the world during the preceding month. Our May Global Review podcast begins with a look at the growing financial crisis. While the debt ceiling debates are featured in most media outlets that is only the most obvious front of growing economic upheaval. While the Ukraine and Russia go to new levels of conflict in the ongoing war there, tensions between China and the west continue to escalate. New reports on the humanitarian front this month showed excecutions, slavery, and internal diplacements increasing around the world. The extreme weather of climate change that has marked the first five months of the year is now becoming a new normal with no end in sight. And then of course there is the rising alarms related to artificial intelligence.

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All of this and more is discussed in this May Global Review podcast as we track the growing chaos around the world.

Links to the stories, reports, and issues mentioned in this May Global Review podcast episode:




Social Unrest


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