Media Bias Report

This interactive tool allows you to see where your favorite publications and media fall on the political spectrum.

This is a good one to bookmark and review regularly. Ad Fontes Media tracks the levels of media bias in different media outlets and regularly updates where different outlets fall on the spectrum.

There might not be a lot of surprises here (to an intelligent observer) but it is nice to see objective data and research to back up a lot of your suspicions about the media. I found it interesting to see how a lot of the media we see as left-leaning does have centrist positions and publications but there is no balance between left and right among those outlets. It is mostly left-leaning with some center positions.

media bias

Note the difference between CNN Online and CNN Cable in this media bias report. One is more left-leaning than the other. The same goes for Fox News and Fox News Cable although in that instance the right-lean of Fox News Cable is measured as extreme right while CNN Cable is measured as merely hyper-partisan left. Some might disagree with that measurement but if you see what classifies as extreme-left it makes sense.

Most of the finance publications (Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and The Economist) lean right but they are also the closest things to center or real objective reporting when compared to other outlets.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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