After the tumult of the 60s and Watergate, Americans were burnt out by the mid 1970s. Jimmy Carter entered the scene as America’s first born again president. He wouldn’t be good enough for the standards of the religious right and the newly formed organization of the moral majority.

moral majority
Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan clarified what the Moral Majority meant when they talked about the rebirth of a Christian America.

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Jimmy Carter was the first American president who claimed to be “born again.” But few members of the Religious Right would claim him as their representative or ideal President. This episode looks at the different versions of political Christianity presented by Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. We also look at the rise of the Moral Majority, a powerful Christian political organization that began organizing and codifying the ideals and ideologies of the religious right.

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This episode also looks at the rise of Jerry Falwell in the 1970 and 80s through the Moral Majority and counters some of the popular myths about where the religious right came from.


Episode 141: A Born Again President and the Moral Majority

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when did america stop being a christian nation

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