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  • Global confirmed coronavirus cases – 5,603,920
  • Global coronavirus deaths – 348,221

Although numbers are rising around the world and in the United States, nations, states, and cities are reopening. The virus is no less deadly – it’s probably worse due to the number of people who are now infected. The reality is, lockdown cannot persist. Economies must move again. Life and society have to move again.

Top 10 States Confirmed Coronavirus Cases – May 26, 2020, Daily Pandemic Update

In the US, the counting took a break for the three-day Memorial Day weekend. The US has been holding at 99,000 since Sunday. Expect a surge in the state by state reports today as the stats report for both Monday and Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Kuwait lifted restrictions – although their coronavirus deaths and confirmed cases are rising. Iran is reopening its national shrines. Dubai is reopening theaters, health clubs, and gyms.

Confirmed Cases Deaths New Cases/24 Hours
Saudi Arabia 74,795 399 2,235
Syria 121 4 20
Kuwait 21,967 165 665
Iran 137,724 3,451 2,023

Spain announced plans to lift its quarantine on international tourists beginning July 1. Tokyo lifted its state of emergency. Greece announced international tourism would resume June 15. India resumed domestic flights even as they climbed into the top 10 nations with the highest confirmed coronavirus cases. South Africa’s president announced the lifting of restrictions even as new cases surge.

Confirmed Cases Deaths New Cases/24 Hours
Spain 282,480 26,837 482
Greece 2,882 172 4
Japan 16,581 830 31
South Africa 23,615 481 1,032
India 145,456 4,172 6,414


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