The global pandemic turns one year old tomorrow, March 11, 2021. One year ago the World Health Organization declared the global pandemic and life changed around the globe. In this special podcast episode, JB Shreve is joined by Dr. Jason Lofton and LynnDee Summers to look back on this historical year. We walk through ten questions as we reflect on the pandemic experience.

  1. When you look back on the pandemic when did things change or become real?
  2. Do you remember when wearing a face mask became normal for you?
  3. Have your ideas or perceptions of a global pandemic changed in the last year?
  4. Was there a “scariest” moment for you within the pandemic?
  5. What is the biggest thing the pandemic exposed?
  6. Was there a turning point in the pandemic and if yes, what do you think it was?
  7. Was there a fake news or false narrative (a popular perception accepted as truth) within the pandemic that you noted?
  8. Do you think the global lockdown was a success or a failure (and why)?
  9. Global crises always produce a major transition of some sort. What do you think is the major transition the globe is undergoing today that the pandemic helped bring about?
  10. In regards to the pandemic, what do you think our daily life will look like one year from today?

Listeners are invited to share their favorite stories from the pandemic or their own answers to the questions above on our Facebook page. Tell us what it was like to live through one year of the global pandemic.

Check out the archived timeline page we tracked from January – May last year as the pandemic began.

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