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15 Great Reads on Economic Inequality

Following is a list 15 great reads on economic inequality. These are my recommended reading to learn more about economic inequality in the United States after you listen to the podcast series. Check out...
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The History of Iran and the Next War: Part 1

This is part 1 in my podcast series covering the history of Iran. We move from the ancient history of Persia up to the Pahlavi dynasty and World War II in this episode. 

US and Israel Special Relationship – America’s 51st State

This podcast episode looks at the special relationship between the US and Israel through the decades, separating fact from myth and political agendas.
russian terror

History of Terrorism Part 8: Russian Terrorism Before the Revolution

This episode is part of our podcast series on the history of terrorism. In today's episode we tell the story of Russian Terror from 1850 to the Russian Revolution. 

History of Terrorism Part 7: The Anarchists

This podcast episode looks at the continuing story of the History of Terrorism and The Anarchists. In the late 18th century the effects of the industrial revolution had upended the nature of society for much...
us middle east policy

Timeline of US Policy & Intervention in the Middle East

Click on the infographic to zoom in for larger image on US Middle East policy and intervention. If you have found this infographic helpful you might also enjoy one of my blog series or podcast...
nat turner and john brown

American Terrorists: Nat Turner and John Brown

"One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist." Another way of saying this is, terrorists do not always appear the way we expect them to. Due to the flexible nature and definition of the...
secret societies illuminati

History of Terrorism Part 5: Secret Societies

From the Illuminati to 9/11 conspiracy theories, secret societies and the paranoia they inspire are key pieces to the history of terrorism.
global protests

The Wave of Global Protests and What They Are Really About

Earlier this month a wave of protests spread across the nation of Iran and captivated much of the media’s attention. Like the Iranian protests of 2009 many believed, or wanted to believe, that a...
klux klux klan kkk white terrorism

History of Terrorism Part 6: White Terrorism in the South

Our podcast series on the History of Terrorism continues. This 2 part podcast episode looks at White Terrorism in the south after the Civil War. Be prepared for a look at a shameful American history you have probably never heard or considered. America's part in the history of terrorism did not start at 9/11. It started in the 19th century and it helps explain a lot of the domestic issues today.