In June 2017 (a little over two years ago) I released this podcast episode explaining how

“The Impeachment of President Trump Is Coming, But That’s Only the Beginning.”

Here were some of the highlights from that episode:

  • As we move into the election season of 2020, that is when the impeachment process would start. (That’s where we are at and what is happening now.) So, this is a not-so-subtle way of saying I nailed the fact that it would happen and when it would happen.
  • I predicted impeachment was coming and it wouldn’t be about the Russia investigation. There would be more. The coverup is always where the real damage is done. Nailed it again!
  • Republican power would shrink at the midterm elections in 2018 (and they did). This would make impeachment more likely but still not push the idea over the edge into reality.
  • Trump won the election in 2016 because voters were fed up. That is why commentators who focus on whether he was qualified for the office or not are missing the point.
  • Trump’s victory is not an anomaly in the system. It is evidence that democracy still works. He is a reflection of American society and exactly what we deserve (like it or not)! That’s also the point I made when I predicted he would be the next President of the United States 6 months before the 2016 elections when everyone else dismissed his campaign as a joke.
  • Trump, (as a new President when this was recorded in 2017) is reckless but the media is also irresponsible and helping to drive us toward greater division and chaos.
  • The election of Trump and the response of the media were not the beginning of massive divisions in our society, but they have helped drive it to new and extreme levels.
  • The extremists and whackos of 2012 are the mainstream and center of today.
  • Celebrities have taken over as figureheads rather than thinkers and statesmen. They lack any basis in reality but plenty of power and influence to push us further apart in our polarization. Even our news media is more about entertainment today than it is about information.

Some additional highlights of the episode include my prediction that President Trump would be ousted from office. I’m not so sure that is going to happen now. I think impeachment will succeed in the House of Representatives but I’m not sure it will happen in the Senate. I’m also not sure that he won’t get reelected. Which would be worse as far as driving greater extremism in America? Would it be for the President to be impeached or for the President to be impeached and also get reelected? Whichever is worse is my prediction for what comes next.

That’s the real thing to be watching right now. What if President Trump gets impeached but also gets reelected? That is a very real possibility. I believe this, not because President Trump is a good President or candidate but because the Democrats have proven themselves so incompetent here. (Again, look back at the reasons why I believed Donald Trump would win the election in 2016 long before anyone else did.) I heard a commentator (can’t remember who) say that when the Democrats make a firing squad the first thing they do is form into a circle. The recent Democratic debates are a good demonstration of this.

I am re-releasing this podcast episode to my Patreon supporters for two reasons.

  1. You can keep on trusting JB Shreve & the End of History to bring you thoughtful, well researched, non-partisan perspectives that will help make you smarter. If you want to better understand the chaos going on in the world today – keep following the information I am posting at the blog.
  2. The real story (and I point this out in the podcast episode) is not about the impeachment of President Trump. The real story is about the polarized divide and collapse of the American system. That is what is taking place here. Impeachment, Trump, the Congress, the media, these are all symptoms of deeper issues rapidly moving beyond repair.

Things are going to get worse! If you want to understand what is going on, listen to this podcast before you watch any more news on CNN.

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