The great concern with the pandemic now is the threat of a second wave. For weeks we have been watching this in our daily updates. Every day a different government source or research team raises the alarm of some new sign that a second wave of the coronavirus is coming.

What is the second wave? Most of us know in theory, but where did this idea come from, and why is it so concerning? In this podcast episode, we look at the second wave threat from three different angles.

The History of the Second Wave

First, we look at the unique history of the second wave in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Believe it or not, the idea of a second surge of new infections was not a significant concern in disease outbreaks until this time. The second wave of 1918 was kind of the granddaddy of all of them. What caused it and what stopped it during the great global pandemic one hundred years ago? Is there anything we can learn from that event for today?

1918 second wave
The deaths of the Spanish Flu in the second wave of 1918 far exceeded the first wave.

Current Events

We look at what is going on today that raises alarms for a second wave. Cases in New York are falling. Does that mean we are past the threat? We outline some of the facts and figures you should be paying attention to over the next few weeks.

May 22 2020 Daily Pandemic Update
States with at least 500 newly confirmed cases in the last 24 hours, coronavirus hot spots. May 22, 2020, Daily Pandemic Update


Last up, we look at what scripture can show us about how to respond to an environment and crisis like we are experiencing today. Thanks to a review of the story of Noah in Genesis 7 and 8, JB Shreve offers a unique perspective on how believers can be strong and find direction during a crisis and even this unique threat. Is it time to come out of the ark yet?

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