Last night’s first presidential debate was unlike anything ever seen before in a presidential campaign. America stepped into a new dimension of reality television politics (apparently that was possible). A candidate told the President of the United States to shut up. The President of the United States made fun of the intelligence of a man who seemed greatly overwhelmed. The moderator frequently entered the contest as a debater himself. Surprising. Stressful. Shocking. It’s hard to find the best word to describe what the world witnessed last night. Embarrassing might work.

This special post-debate podcast was recorded in the minutes after the debate to be free of any spin. JB Shreve is joined by Casie Shreve, Terrell Spencer, Jonathan Webster, and Kirsten Baird for this first in a series of post-debate podcasts to track the 2020 presidential elections.

Who won? Who lost? High points. Low points. Surprises and takeaways. The panel takes a look at a very unique first debate and also considers if this will change anything across the country.

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