Brainwashing in the 21st Century – Walt Disney Company

JB Shreve
November 12, 2015 2 mins to read
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This set of graphics accompanies the upcoming podcast episode The Prophets of Babylon (set to release in the next few days) to demonstrate the vast scope and influence which the media has in our lives today.

The graphics will be published in 3 separate posts.

Imagine what a group like the Nazis would have done with the propaganda power welded by today’s media conglomerates. We barely bat an eye and somehow believe the same people who push certain values and standards to young adults are no less committed to those values and standards among younger and older audiences. From the age of toddlers to retirees, the multi-media conglomerates are working to hold your attention and the attention of your family. Each network is targeted on a particular demographic but the conglomerates behind the networks influence us from the cradle to the grave. These graphics only tell part of the story with some of the most familiar networks and brands.

Not shown here are the additional radio, television and print outlets owned by these same conglomerates. We also cannot forget the theme parks not shown here.

Walt Disney
This graphic captures just a fraction of the Walt Disney Company’s holdings and networks of social influence. (Click on the image for a larger view)

The same Walt Disney studios that entertains our children and teenagers with brands from Pixar to the Disney Channel to Marvel also owns Miramax and Touchstone pictures. The values of right and wrong are apparent in the kid and family friendly brands but should we really believe that the items produced and distributed through their brands targeting more mature demographics are no less deliberate in their influence and indoctrination? Does Lifetime not have  a message on what a successful woman in today’s modern world looks like? Is ESPN not affecting the values of our society? Thank the Walt Disney Company for these influences.

Another Walt Disney subsidiary, ABC Family has released a family television show since 2013 known as The Fosters. “The offbeat drama charts the ups and downs of an interracial lesbian couple and their multi ethnic brood of biological, adopted and foster children.” Preachy?

From age 2 to age 70 the Walt Disney Company has a network of brands and media outlets used to influence and shift society toward its intents. This is what the power to brainwash in the 21st century looks like.


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