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Venezuela in Crisis – Part 1

This two part podcast series explains the how the current crisis in Venezuela developed. Part 1 looks at the history of Venezuela and demonstrates this South American nation's unique place in the global order. Venezuela in Crisis helps you understand the news that is unfolding today.
global crisis and oil prices

A Ripple Effect – The Global Crises and Oil Prices

This post was originally published in the spring of 2017. The examples have shifted and worsened since that time and the reality remains the same. We cannot escape the relationship between global crisis and oil...

7 Reasons Donald Trump Will Be the Next US President

Every respected poll currently shows Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States. The Washington Post ran a story Monday entitled “The Presidency is Clinton’s to Lose.” Donald Trump has no...
islamic extremism

Killers in the Name of God Part 3: The Killers of Allah

By the 1980s nationalism and political philosophies had failed the former Islamic world of the Middle East. Into this vacuum stepped Islamic extremist ideologies pushed in different manners by the rulers of the Shia...
islamic extremism

Killers in the Name of God Part 2: Decline of Islam

Before Islamic extremism took hold in the Middle East there was actually a decline in Islam’s influence there as nationalism and political philosophies took root. Behind the scenes however, radical thinkers began looking for...
islamic extremism

Killers in the Name of God – Part 1: The Caliphates

This is part 1 of the three part podcast series that look at the history of Islamic Extremism. JB Shreve looks at the early history of Islam to separate fact from fiction, or in this...
boko haram fact sheet


This Boko Haram Fact sheet is part of my wider in depth look at this terrorist group. You can learn more about Boko Haram with full fact sheets, timelines, backgrounders and history here. Boko Haram Fact...

Some Truth About Welfare

We all know what welfare is and as a heated and polarized election season has kicked off we will no doubt hear much about this system and its needed reform – or from some...

Brainwashing in the 21st Century – Viacom

Part 2 If you are my age you remember a time when MTV actually played music videos. Today the channel is much more active in running reality TV and award shows that feature the most...

Brainwashing in the 21st Century – Walt Disney Company

A look at how modern media owns the rights to influence and manipulate our perceptions from the cradle to the grave.