The Losers – Podcast Series

JB Shreve
October 26, 2020 2 mins to read
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The Losers tells the story of people lost to the pages of popular American history. They once presented the country with a vision of the future. They offered a unique interpretation of what America meant to the world. This short podcast series tells the story of candidates who stood at the precipice of the American presidency. But the country and the voters opted to go a different way. It is the story of those who lost the presidential election and somehow became forgotten by most of history. In their day, they stood on the cutting edge of power and politics. It is also the story of what might have been.


  • What would the post-war era have looked like if Henry Wallace had been elected to the presidency? Would there have been a Cold War?
  • What would the Democratic party have looked like without a William Jennings Bryan?
  • What would the Republican party have looked like without a Goldwater? Would there have ever been a Ronald Reagan?
  • What would America’s west have looked like if Clay had won the presidency?


The story of those who lost the presidential election is not only the story of once-famous individual lives. It is also the story of an America that was and the shifts in direction we chose to make along the way.


The Losers podcast series features JB Shreve and Ben Lagrone telling the story. Each post in the series features links referenced within the podcast episodes.

Those who lost the presidential election:

  1. William Jennings Bryan – American Progressive
  2. Henry Wallace – The Great Turning Point
  3. Henry Clay – The Great Compromiser
  4. Barry Goldwater – The New Conservative