The US National Elections Are One Year from Today

JB Shreve
November 7, 2023 1 min to read
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One year from today, the US will hold its national elections, and it appears we are headed toward a repeat of the 2016 elections, 80-year-old Joe Biden against 77-year-old Donald Trump. As usual, I don’t take sides in the presidential election as neither side represents my values or interests. America remains utterly divided and bankrupt of good judgment, as demonstrated in the repeated binary choice between these two men.

If America’s two-party political system is meant to provide stability for the democratic process, what more proof of the system’s failure could be gathered than this repeated election.

As former President Trump currently stands trial for an array of issues uncovered during his four years in office (he took the stand yesterday), a new poll shows he is leading President Biden in five key battleground states.

The nature of democracy, particularly mature democracies, is not to guarantee stability or progress. It ensures an accurate reflection of the people. Once again, in 2024, we appear to be headed toward an election this country does not need but that this country deserves.