We watched the coronavirus raise its head in China in late 2019 before most of the mainstream media was tracking it. Likewise, our recent report on bird flu (specifically H5N1) suggests this could be the next “big one” when it comes to the next global pandemic. This page is devoted to tracking the monthly reports from reputable sources tracking the rise and spread of avian flu.

Tracking Avian Flu – Monthly Reports

September 2023

  • A new study from researchers in China and Nottingham discovered a subtype of avian flu, endemic to poultry farms in China, is undergoing mutational changes. These changes could increase the risk of the disease passing to humans.

July 2023

June 2023

May 2023

April 2023

  • Chile calls for calm after detecting first human case of avian flu
  • Avian flu outbreak among California mountain lions grows
  • Minnesota tops US in wild birds confirmed dead from avian flu
  • Avian flu outbreak in Gambia threatens birds on East Atlantic flyway

March 2023

  • China reports human case of H5N1 bird flu
  • Cambodia: No human-to-human bird flu transmission found
  • Avian flu outbreak hits Peru turkey farms
  • Senators say more funds needed for combatting avian flu
  • Two outbreaks confirmed within a week of each other in India
  • Avian flu outbreak affects half a million birds in Saskatchewan
  • First Argentina avian flu outbreak leaves 190,000 birds dead
  • France reports decline in avian flu cases among poultry
  • Japan on high alert as avian flu rages across the country
  • Mayo Clinic considers development of avian flu test

February 2023

Be sure to review our backgrounder on bird flu for an understanding of what is going on, as well as a timeline regarding how we got here!