This fact sheet looks at the Venezuela Crisis and the US. As the most powerful military and economic power in the world the interactions of the United States to this crisis are important to understanding how and why the Venezuela crisis continues to unfold. 

Venezuela Crisis and the US

  • The US has frequently condemned the Venezuelan government, both during the time of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.
  • Currently sanctions have been imposed upon many of the government’s leaders. The US has taken little to no role in assisting with the refugee crisis.
  • The US State Department has asserted that due to the weak government in Venezuela, the nations has become a major trading point for illegal drugs.
  • Recently it was learned that the Trump administration met with former leaders of the Venezuelan military to discuss a US backed coup of the Maduro government. This reportedly went nowhere.
  • Venezuela remains the fourth largest source for US oil
  • In August the Pentagon announced it would send a ship to Colombian waters on a humanitarian mission to aid Venezuelan refugees needing food and medical aid.