JB Shreve and Brian Butler present the final episode in the podcast series Never Again, Again…the Ongoing History of Genocide. In this episode, the guys look at three potential genocides today – mass murders and humanitarian atrocities occurring in our present day. Tomorrow’s history books will likely call these events genocides.

Throughout this series, we have asked why and how people could commit such evil as genocide, how societies could allow genocide, and why no one stops genocide. It keeps happening again and again despite each generation’s promise for Never Again. In this final episode, we encourage listeners to pay attention to current situations that will likely be called genocides in the near future (some already are). Never Again only occurs when we each take a stand against evil!

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JB Shreve is the author of "How the World Ends: Understanding the Growing Chaos." He has been the host of the End of History podcast since 2012. He has degrees in International Relations and Middle East Studies. His other books include the Intelligence Brief Series. Regular posts and updates from JB Shreve are available at www.theendofhistory.net