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April 11, 2019 4 mins to read
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What Is White Nationalism and White Nationalist Terrorism

Answering the question, what is white nationalism, can lead to various answers depending upon who you ask. This week Congressional hearings were held in the wake of the Christchurch New Zealand attacks which killed 50 people. White Nationalism and White Nationalist terrorism is a serious threat around the world today and specifically in the United States – but it is also a highly charged political debate that is difficult to wade through to identify what is real and what is hype.

This podcast tells the story that formed the modern White Nationalism movement and the background of White Nationalist terrorism. We separate the hype and the politics and get to the facts and history of this violent terrorist movement.

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We have to start with the reality that White Nationalist Terrorism is a clear and present danger.

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Consider the following:


  • Between 2010 and 2017 more than one-third of all domestic terrorism in the United States was associated with right-wing extremism which is generally White Nationalism of one brand or another. That is 92 acts of terrorism out of a total 263 during that time period.
  • According to the Anti-Defamation League, 71% of extremists related fatalities in the US between 2008-2017 were related to White Nationalist movements and acts of terror. Islamic extremism was responsible for only 26%.
  • Terror related threats and acts in the US have tripled since 2013, and the number killed in these attacks has quadrupled. Nearly 60% of these attacks have been related to White Nationalism.


These trends are not only in the US. Throughout western cultures, a surge and advance in the propaganda and aggression of White Nationalists are being observed.

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In 2016 and 2017 White Nationalist arrests nearly doubled in Europe. The Christchurch attacks are the most recent attacks but there are far more widespread underreported trends in Europe and Australia which demonstrate the growth and advance of White Nationalism internationally. Unfortunately, most of the world does not pay attention to White Nationalism until it is part of a massive tragedy and terrorist attack like the 2011 Norway Massacre.


When we think of White Nationalist terrorism we have been trained to think of goons or hillbillies marching down the streets in white robes and masks or wearing Nazi uniforms. These are the provocateurs. We should instead be thinking of the faces behind terrorist attacks from the Oklahoma City Bombing to the attacks of more recent years.


In this podcast episode from series on the History of Terrorism, we look at the question of What Is White Nationalism and consider the danger and threat of White Nationalist Terrorism. We also consider the threats posed to our peace and security when we mishandle this terrorist threat by indulging it or by politicizing it.


Characters in the History of White Nationalist Terrorism

Looked at in This Podcast Episode

timothy mcveigh white nationalist terrorist
Timothy McVeigh, Oklahoma City bomber and White Nationalist terrorist.
David Duke white nationalist terrorist
David Duke, White Nationalist and leader of the Knights of the KKK.
Louis Beam white nationalist terrorist
Louis Beam, early organizer of White Nationalist Terrorism

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