History of Terrorism Part 7: The Anarchists

JB Shreve
March 7, 2018 2 mins to read
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This podcast episode looks at the continuing story of the History of Terrorism and The Anarchists.

In the late 18th century the effects of the industrial revolution had upended the nature of society for much of the western world. The way people saw one another and themselves changed. The nature of work and workers changed. A growing discontent gave rise to the philosophies and acts of terror of the Anarchists. In the late 19th century and even up to the conclusion of World War I in the 20th century, the Anarchists were seen as one of the most significant threats to law, order and a stable society. For many living during this time period, the word “anarchist” held the same dread and concern as the word “terrorist” does to our modern ear and psyche.

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The History of Terrorism series tells the story of how terrorism developed from the ancient world to ISIS.

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Episode 184. The Anarchists

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