Never Again…Again – The Ongoing History of Genocide

JB Shreve
May 20, 2021 2 mins to read
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ethnic cleansing. Genocide. Crimes against humanity. These wicked forms of mass murder have existed for as long as human civilization has existed. In the last century, mankind began to label this evil with terms like “genocide.” We also began to sign treaties and develop institutions that assured the atrocities would come to an end. Mankind was supposed to enter a brighter, more enlightened era…but the wickedness continues. The history of genocide is also the brutal history of mankind. And despite the frequent promises that are proclaimed after each great crime against humanity that dots the landscape of human history, never again keeps repeating itself again and again.

This is the story of the history of genocide. It is a history that invites observers to consider profound and important questions. What makes human beings do evil? Why does this brutal history keep repeating? How can I be sure to never fall into the same deception as those who went before me? It is the story of the “others.” It is the story of ordinary people committing unimagined evil. It is the story of generations presuming they could never be deceived and commit the same evil their forefathers did – but then they do. It is an important history.

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