The Dark and Dangerous Reality of Christian Nationalism (Video)

July 8, 2024 2 mins to read
Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you have not yet heard the phrase “Christian Nationalism” in this crucial election year, then you might not be paying attention. A minority on the political right claims that Christian Nationalism is God’s answer for America. (It’s not!) On the left, it is portrayed as one of the greatest threats a second Donald Trump term could mean for the country. (It might.)

The problem is that different sides define Christian Nationalism in different ways. Even personal friends and good Christian people I know often align themselves with Christian Nationalism based on a misunderstanding of what it is. Christian Nationalism should not be mistaken for Christian activism or patriotic Christians. There is a significant difference between those ideas and the dangerous reality of real Christian Nationalism.

In this brief three-part video series, I want to explore these ideas and questions to understand what Christian Nationalism is, what Christian nationalism IS NOT, and most importantly – why Christian Nationalism is an extremely dangerous idea for believers to be seduced by.

If you are familiar with my books and writing, you will know my approach to this issue and these questions. My principal concern is not with American politics, neither Republican nor Democrat, but with the integrity and safety of politically engaged Christians.

In an era of rising darkness, we need to know the difference between right and wrong, true and false, and Biblical standards of the Kingdom of God compared to the evil doctrine of Christian Nationalism.

Episode 1 – This Is Not Christian Nationalism

Episode 2 – This is What Christian Nationalism Really Is

Episode 3 – What’s the Problem

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