History of Economic Inequality Podcast Series

JB Shreve
March 8, 2021 2 mins to read
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This podcast series (released from the archives at the End of History) covers the history of the modern US economy and how economic inequality developed. Put your politics aside for this insightful journey through America’s economy as it grew and altered from era of The Great Depression to the 2008 economic meltdown. This history of economic inequality series predates the Trump era but forecasted a lot of the discontent and frustration that arrived full force in 2016. Economic inequality is not a new phenomenon but historically, every time it has gotten this bad, some shock to the system (war, Great Depression, etc…) has caused a rebalancing.

This original podcast series on the history of economic inequality is available exclusively to our Patreon supporters. Each episode links directly to the Patreon post where the episode can be accessed.

Part 1: Economic Inequality in the Lens of History

Part 2: The Greatest Generation Restores Balance

Part 3: The Greatest Generation Builds An Economic Powerhouse

Part 4: Baby Boomers in Charge

Part 5: Reaganomics and the Decade of Decadence

Part 6: Changes in the Way Americans Worked

Part 7: A Crazed New World

Part 8: What the 2008 Meltdown Showed Us

Part 9: Who Are the Top 1% in America

Part 10: How Bad Is It

Part 11: Say Goodbye to the American Dream

Part 12: The Normalization of Corruption

Part 13: Series Finale

history of economic inequality

Here is a list of recommended reads on the topic of economic inequality. These were some of the sources noted within the podcast series itself.

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