History of Iran and the Next War

JB Shreve
January 3, 2019 2 mins to read
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The History of Iran and the Next War podcast series was originally published from June to September 2018. 

This History of Iran podcast series was designed to get the listener past the political hype and into the actual facts of the history of Iran and US-Iranian relations. It also made the specific prediction that the US and Iran were heading toward war. The explanation for this is provided in the podcast series.

History of Iran Episode 1: Iranian Dynasties Ancient and New

Pancient persia history of iranart 1 series starts with the story of Iran from Ancient Persia to the first modern Shah of Iran.




History of Iran Episode 2: The Shah and the Coup

history of iran, the shahPart 2 looks at the Shah of Iran and the infamous 1953 coup of Iran.

History of Iran Episode 3: Islamic Revolution

history of iran khomeiniPart 3 looks at the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini and the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran.

History of Iran Episode 4: Islamic Republic of Iran is Born

iran-iraq war

Part 4 looks at the first years of the Islamic Republic of Iran including the Iran-Iraq War and the death of Khomeini.

History of Iran Episode 5: Years of Lost Possibilities

Part 5 looks at the efforts to normalize and stabilize the Islamic Republic of Iran. We also look at the rise of Khatami and the world’s missed opportunities during this time period.

History of Iran Episode 6: The Next War 

history of iran us relations







The US and Iran are heading toward war. This is where the story has been moving all along. This finale in this podcast series on the history of Iran explains why it is going to happen. Part 6 in this series helps you understand what is taking place when the big news hits – even before the big events happen.

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