Plagued: Humanity’s History with Disease, Outbreaks, and Pandemics

JB Shreve
April 24, 2020 2 mins to read
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It is our pleasure to bring you this new podcast series from JB Shreve & the End of History – Plagued: Humanity’s History with Disease, Outbreaks, and Pandemics. Each episode is packed full of history, data, and a little bit of laughter as we recount the story of mankind’s constant struggle with pestilence.

If you are curious about the history of diseases and where today’s coronavirus pandemic fits into that story then you will not want to miss this series! 

JB Shreve, LynnDee Summers, and Jason Lofton track the historical stories from the Plague of Athens to the Coronavirus of 2020. Few forces in history have been as impacting upon human culture than outbreaks and diseases. In this podcast series, we look at that story. We consider what it was like to live through these historical events and conditions and what we can learn for today.

This first episode is available to the public and offers an overview of the series. All other episodes are available only to our Patreon subscribers. The first four episodes in the series are available today. The remaining episodes will drop to our Patreon supporters on a weekly basis going forward.

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Episodes in this Series on the history of pandemics

(more will be added to this list as they are released on Patreon)

  1. Series Introduction and Overview
  2. The Black Death
  3. Living and Dying Before Medical Science (Part 1)
  4. Living and Dying Before Medical Science (Part 2)
  5. The Great Flu Pandemic of 1918
  6. Polio – The American Plague
  7. Eradicating Disease
  8. History of AIDS

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