Syrian Civil War Podcast Series

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October 28, 2019 4 mins to read
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The Syrian Civil War is one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 21st century (so far). This podcast series details the history of Syria and the origins of this terrible war. Each episode (approximately 30 minutes each) tells the story that will help you understand what is going on in Syria. I also look at the crises that have spun out from the civil war such as ISIS and the refugee crisis.

The first five episodes in this series were originally published in 2017. Part six in the series is scheduled to be released during the first week of November 2019.

It is the story of a war brought on by the effects of both geopolitics and the effects of climate change. Whether you already know a lot about the story or have been wanting to learn, the Syrian Civil War history podcast from the End of History is the perfect podcast series to enhance your knowledge and awareness of one of the world’s great crises of our generation.

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Syrian Civil War Part 1: Hafiz al-Assad Establishes Modern Syrian

In this introductory podcast episode to our series looking at the Syrian Civil War, we look at the circumstances and the man who shaped the foundations of modern Syrian – Hafiz al-Assad.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – NOVEMBER 24: Portrait of the Syrian president Hafez al-Assad during a press conference with the American president Georges Bush in Geneva, Syria, an authoritarian regime, was under the suspicion of supporting Palestinian terrorism and of manipulating Lebanon, on November 24, 1990 in Geneva, Switzerland. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

This is the story of the most violent conflict of the 21st century (so far). In many ways, this is the story of the continued collapse of the Middle East. It is also the story of a massive refugee crisis.

Syrian Civil War Part 2: Bashar al-Assad, From Great Hope to Great Crumbling

Part 2 in our podcast series on the history of the Syrian Civil War looks at the strange twists of fate that brought about the presidency of Bashar al-Assad. We also look at the hopeful beginnings which he brought to the presidency in his early years and consider what led to the end of that hope.

Syrian Civil War Part 3: Arab Spring Comes to Syria and Dies

Part 3 in this podcast series looks at the issues in Syria that converged with the Arab Spring to bring about the civil war in 2011. It is interesting to note the environmental, economic and social factors that created the perfect storm when the Arab Spring arrived in early 2011.

syrian civil war

For those who question the origins of the Syrian Civil War there is the popular narrative and then the reality. This episode looks at the realities on the ground in Syria in the years before the war. This is one of the reasons why the Syrian Civil War is important for us to understand. The issues of economics, food shortages, overpopulation, climate change, and poor government all collided with the phenomenon known as the Arab Spring to explode into the tragedy we know today.

Syrian Civil War Part 4: The Civil War

In our prior 3 episodes, we looked at the events and people that led to the Syrian Civil War. In episode 4 we look at the beginning of the end in Syria and the launch into full-scale civil war. From the near downfall of Bashar al-Assad to chemical weapons and President Obama’s “red line” speech, this episode gives you the context to understanding what the first 6 years of war in Syria were all about.

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Syrian Civil War Part 5: The Meltdown

This was originally the final podcast episode in our series on the Syrian Civil War in 2017. We look at the arrival of ISIS and Russia to the fighting and how the conflict became the bloodiest conflict of the 21st century so far. These are among the issues that gave rise to the Syrian refugee crisis. We also examine why there is little reason to believe this is anywhere near being over.

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