venezuela in crisis podcast

This is the story of Venezuela in crisis.

Part 1 – Venezuela in Crisis

The Venezuela economy is in meltdown. Inflation is forecasted to hit 1,000,000% by the end of 2018. (That’s not a typo!)

This two-part podcast series explains how the Venezuela economy went into meltdown. Part 1 looks at the history of Venezuela. JB Shreve demonstrates this South American nation’s unique place in the global order. By the end of part 1 in this podcast series, you will see how the 1970s and 1980s provided a test run for the crisis the Venezuela economy is experiencing today. The lessons were not learned though.

Venezuela in Crisis podcast series will you understand the news that is unfolding today. This is a significant crisis and event in world history and it is occurring before our eyes. We should all understand why and how.

If you believe this is a story only about Hugo Chavez and socialism you do not know the whole story. The story about the Venezuela economy meltdown goes deeper than that.

Part 2 – Venezuela in Crisis 

Part two of the Venezuela Crisis podcast series picks up with the rise of Hugo Chavez in the 1990s.

In this episode we will look at:

  • How the oil boom of the mid-2000s was both a blessing and a curse to Venezuela
  • How more than socialism led to Venezuela’s demise
  • The foolish policies of Chavez and Maduro that have brought Venezuela to where it is today

Learn more about the situation in Venezuela here

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