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secret societies illuminati

History of Terrorism Part 5: Secret Societies

From the Illuminati to 9/11 conspiracy theories, secret societies and the paranoia they inspire are key pieces to the history of terrorism.
us middle east policy

Timeline of US Policy & Intervention in the Middle East

Click on the infographic to zoom in for larger image on US Middle East policy and intervention. If you have found this infographic helpful you...

Why is Latin America So Dysfunctional? Part Three – United Fruit...

The United Fruit Company introduced a new level of corporate imperialism to Latin America and is key to understanding the modern dysfunctions in the region as well as America's relationship with its neighbors.
origins of the Kashmir conflict why is kashmir so important

Kashmir Conflict Backgrounder

This post is part of my wider History of India series. Today we look at the history of the Kashmir conflict and also answer...
islamic extremism

Killers in the Name of God Part 3: The Killers...

By the 1980s nationalism and political philosophies had failed the former Islamic world of the Middle East. Into this vacuum stepped Islamic extremist ideologies...
islamic revolution podcast

Islamic Revolution: History of Iran and the Next War Part 3

This is part 3 in my podcast series on the History of Iran and the Next War. Today we pick up after the 1953 coup and follow the story through to the 1979 Islamic Revolution - which ended up changing the world we all live in. 
herero genocide

The Herero Genocide – The Ongoing History of Genocide – Episode...

In this first episode in our new podcast series on the history of genocide, Never Again…Again - The Ongoing History of Genocide JB Shreve and...
silent genocide guatemala genocide

The Silent Genocide – Guatemala’s Genocide of the Mayans

The Silent Genocide is the name given to the Guatemalan genocide of an estimated 200,000 Mayan people in Guatemala. In addition to the 200,000...
reign of terror

History of Terrorism Part 4: The Reign of Terror

In this latest episode in our History of Terrorism podcast series we look at "The Reign of Terror" in the French Revolution. This event set the stage for future terrorists like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong who used purist ideology and the powers of the state to reign down unprecedented horrors on their people.
Living and Dying Before Medical Science

Living and Dying Before Medical Science (Part 1)

This is a two-part episode in the series and it discusses living and dying before medical science came of age in human history. Plagued:...